We are the largest provider of further education in Stoke and North Staffordshire, with around 10,000 students each year on full-time and part-time study programmes, apprenticeships, professional qualifications and university-level courses.

We also help thousands of local people each year to gain the basic skills needed for work, be it English and maths, employability skills or specific work-related qualifications.

Our students routinely win awards in regional and national competitions (see our awards and successes page) and the challenge helps to unleash their talent and prepare them for the competitive world of employment.


Our Vision:

Our learners will have the confidence and skills to make choices for a lifetime of fulfilment.

Our Mission:

To provide an inclusive professional and technical education to energise and grow our city region.

In doing this we:

Promise learners that we will help them to access and achieve their aspirations

Promise employers that we will work with them to develop a highly trained and reliable workforce

Promise stakeholders that we will play an active role in the development of a vibrant local economy


Our Values:

  • Resilience – Our staff are resilient and adaptable. In times of change and uncertainty, they balance personal needs with the ambition of the College.
  • Inclusive – Our staff are customer-focused. They strive to meet the needs of all members of the communities we serve.
  • Collaboration – Our staff build long-term and meaningful relationships by working in partnership with the community and each other for mutual benefit.
  • Expert – Our staff are experts in their fields, developing themselves and others
  • Supportive – Our staff create and maintain a safe and supportive environment
  • Trust – Our staff build trust and credibility in the College brand. They are responsive and diligent, move ideas into action, and take initiative to drive actions forward.
  • Ambition – Our staff strive to be the ‘best in class’
  • Confidence – Our staff demonstrate the confidence to push themselves to achieve at the highest level

Access, Achieve, Aspire

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