The Sector

The UK science sector is a major contributor to the national economy and employs 1.2 million people. The UK is a world leader in many areas of science including the pharmaceutical and aerospace sciences but despite this, there is a shortage of suitably qualified scientists in the UK. The sector includes fields such as medical science, environmental science, materials testing, chemical engineering and forensics.


The Careers

The UK science jobs market is growing, not only in the major companies such as AstraZeneca and GSK, but also in a wide range of smaller companies. These may be involved in materials testing, drug safety tests or providing forensic services. All these companies are looking for people with scientific skills and they employ scientists from a range of backgrounds.  There are over 24,000 scientific jobs in Stoke and Staffordshire with job growth of over 3% expected over the next 5 years.

Applied Science (Criminology & Forensics) BTEC Level 2


The emphasis of this course is on how science is used in different jobs. You will explore the range of opportunities available in the science industries and gain all of the skills you need to work in a laboratory and research environment with particular reference to working in Criminology or Forensics.

Course - Full Time
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Applied Science (Criminology & Forensics) BTEC Level 3 Diploma


This course offers you the chance to develop skills in the core elements of science and scientific research, before allowing you to choose a specialisation and study units from the branches of Criminology and Forensics. The course will use the latest facilities and teaching methods to develop your scientific knowledge and understanding, and support you in applying this to the study and practice of your selected career pathway.

Course - Full Time
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Biology/Forensic/Pharmaceutical Science BSc (Hons) with a Foundation Year – In Partnership with Staffordshire University


The Science Foundation Year (SFY) gives you the opportunity to enter degree courses in science if your qualifications do not meet normal Level 1 entry requirements. This is a proven route to achievement with a long track record of success. Importantly, the SFY is tailor-made to prepare you for Level 1 of a degree in the biological sciences or forensic science. It has a modular structure, giving you the flexibility to make an appropriate selection from a range of science modules on offer. The SFY also contains core components which are designed to ensure that you have the key transferable skills (including communication, IT and mathematical skills) that you will require to complete a science degree. During the year you will study the following areas: Mathematics and Data Handling, Biology, Chemistry and Forensic Science.

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Facilities for you:

  • Use of Staffordshire University’s modern Science and Technology Centre
  • Hi-tech research laboratories
  • Fantastic progression routes to university and into scientific careers

Careers in this sector:

Biomedical Scientist
Dental Nurse
Forensic Scientist
Laboratory Technician
Medical Scientist
Research Chemist
Scenes of Crime Officer

Scarlett Gauntlett – Applied Science

I would wholeheartedly one-hundred percent recommend this course, not only because of what we learn and the exciting practical elements we get to do, but also because the lecturers are helpful and have so much knowledge.  It’s been amazing.