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Sector Based Skills Academy – Business Administration, Advantis Credit – starting 15th March – click for details

Sector Based Skills Academy – Adult Social Care, Comfort Call and Allied – starting 15th March – click for details

Welding Training – starting 18th February – click for details

Information Technology – starting March TBC – click for details

New Leaf – starting February TBC

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Get the advice, help and support you need to get back into work!

  • Job related training and advice for adults seeking work in North Staffordshire.
  • We are a specialist college team dedicated to helping people to get the job they want.
  • We are based at Stoke on Trent College, Cauldon Campus where we have a team of advisers and training facilities especially for adults who are looking for work or to improve their skills.
  • We link with local Job Centre Plus to run Sector Based Work Academies that provide sector specific training, placement and guaranteed interviews with local employers
  • Stoke on Trent College has links to major employers and a wide range of job-related training.

The job that suits you

We’re here to help you find the job that suits you. You don’t need to have experience or qualifications, nor do you need to know precisely what you want to do. If you know which direction to take then we’ll help you get there…but if you’re uncertain our advisers will help you to decide and advise you of the local employment options and opportunities.

We have been helping adults into work for over 15 years, and our advisers are experienced in providing our clients with the right skills and opportunities to progress them into work or further education.

Our courses

We offer courses in many work-related areas including:

  • Food Safety
  • IT
  • Administration
  • Healthcare
  • Literacy
  • ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)
  • New Leaf – support to return to work after bringing up your family.  For more information click here

For more information on the range of courses available please take a look at our Skills Catalogue

How to find us

We are based at:

Stoke on Trent College
Cauldon Campus
Stoke Road, Shelton
Stoke on Trent, ST4 2DG

For details tel 01782 227650 or email us


Karen – Skills for Employment New Leaf Programme

I have not worked for six years due to my late Husbands illness. I suffer from anxiety and at the age of 54 know that I am at the older scale of re-entering the workplace. I saw an advert for this course in my local library and thought that I would benefit so much from doing it. From the initial informal chat to actually starting the course, everyone was so friendly. Just having to be somewhere every morning and wearing my college pass gave me a feeling of belonging somewhere, which is so important when you have lost your confidence, planning my journey to college and parking were also things that made me feel a part of the real world again. The course being part time is ideal to fit in with most people’s lives and is an ideal way of dipping your toes into the world of work without becoming overwhelmed. The two course tutors Steve and Lee were the loveliest people to meet and were full of excellent advice to help anyone with any queries regarding re-entering the workplace. I was with a lovely group and we really had a good laugh each day. I plan to do one or more of the courses that last for a month to improve my skills. A huge benefit of New Leaf is having someone at the College who is willing to provide a reference, which is a huge bonus. I would highly recommended that anyone interested in this course, try it-I am glad I did. ... Read more
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