Education Foundation degree (FdA) (Awarded by Staffordshire University)

Course Type HE
Course Code F1027
Level 4
Duration 2 Years
Fee £4,300.00*
Enquire *16-18? Course is free!

Apprenticeship Standard (3) Learning & Development

Course Type Apprenticeship
Course Code ST0562/V1
Level X
Duration Typically 24 months
Fee No cost to learner*
*Funding provided by ESFA with employer contribution or through Apprenticeship levy

Why Stoke on Trent College?

Are you already in a teaching or training role or considering a change of direction? Helping young people and adults gain new skills, qualifications or interests is one of the most exciting and rewarding careers on offer. It is a challenging role that requires you to develop your own understanding and skills in areas such as communication and technology for learning purposes.

The benefit of teaching is the difference you can make to the lives of your students, as well as developing your own skills and confidence and showing your passion for learning.

At Stoke on Trent College we are a key local provider of AET and CET qualifications for those who want to enter teaching in FE, and CAVA/TAQA qualifications for those who want to become workplace assessors.

We offer a wide range of courses to support you to develop the knowledge and practical skills needed to inspire and motivate others. Our teaching team are highly qualified and experienced teachers themselves, who understand the demands and the opportunities in work-based and educational settings, and we have excellent success rates across the full range of teaching and training qualifications available.

So, if you are employed (or seeking to become employed) full-time as a teacher or trainer, involved in supporting others in the workplace on a more informal basis or want to improve your prospects of a career in teaching, training or assessment in the future, we have a course to suit you even if you don’t currently have access to any teaching hours (paid or voluntary). Your first steps to success start here.


Gemma Lee

Education and Training programmes are usually taught at our Burslem campus in modern classroom environments. There is an onsite restaurant and learning resource centre to ensure learners have the facilities needed for successful study.... Read more
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