What is this course about?

This nationally accredited qualification is designed to provide individuals with knowledge that is fundamental to the delivery of excellent customer service. The programme covers many issues, including the legislation, policies and procedures followed in providing customer care, learning from feedback and developing effective customer relationships.
Start: Available throughout the year.

How is it taught?

As you work through the learning materials, you will have the support of a knowledgeable assessor/tutor who will give you support, advice and guidance on the course content as well as providing robust feedback on the work you complete. This course consists of 2 assessments to be completed 5 weeks apart. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded the NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Customer Service.

What else do I need to know?

The course covers: Unit 1: Principles of customer service and delivery. This unit provides learners with an understanding of customer service and its effective delivery. Legal and ethical requirements relating to customer service and maintaining customer service information are also covered. Unit 2: Understand customers. This unit provides learners with an understanding of the different types of customers. Learners will understand the relationship between good customer service and customer loyalty, and how this affects the organisation in terms of reputation and image. Unit 3: Understand employer organisations. This unit ensures learners understand organisational structures and the differences between the private, public and voluntary sectors. Learners will be able to describe the internal and external influences on organisations and why change within the business environment is important. Unit 4: Understand how to communicate with customers. In this unit learners have the opportunity to increase their knowledge of communication techniques. They will identify and adapt their communication styles in order to offer the best customer service. Learners will increase their knowledge of the different forms of written communication and be able to select the most appropriate method that meets the needs of the customers. Unit 8: Understand how to resolve problems and deliver customer service to challenging customers. This unit provides learners with an understanding of how to deal with challenging customers and describe techniques to resolve problems. Learners will be able to identify customer service problems, agree solutions to problems, and manage unresolved problems by referral to other sources. Unit 10: Understand how to develop customer relationships. This unit provides learners with an understanding of how to develop customer relationships and the value of customer loyalty and retention to the organisation. Learners will be able to describe how customers form expectations of the service they receive and explain the limits of their own authority in implementing improvements. Unit 13: Understand how to develop working relationships with colleagues. This unit provides learners with an understanding of the principles of effective team working. Learners will be able to identify what?s expected of a buddy and techniques for providing feedback.

What could I do next?

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