What is this course about?

This qualification is designed to increase your knowledge and understanding of end of life care. This consists of 5 mandatory units; Understanding End of Life Care ? Overview of emotive issues surrounding death and dying. Understanding palliative care and its place within end of life care. Communication during End of Life Care ? Importance of communication when supporting individuals and others during end of life. Assessment and Care Planning in End of Life Care ? Understanding persons centred approach to assessment and care planning and the legal implications of care planning decisions. Person Centred approaches to end of life care ? Understand person centred approaches to end of life care and how they ensure the individuals? needs are met. Care during the final hours of life and bereavement care ? Approaches to providing care in final hours of life. Understanding loss and grief and supporting those bereaved.
Start: Available throughout the year.

Entry Requirements

It is recommended that you successfully complete the Level 2 Certificate in Principles of End of Life Care prior to enrolling on this course. You will be required to complete an initial online assessment prior to being accepted on this qualification.

What else do I need to know?

This is an online only qualification studied on a Distance Learning basis.

What could I do next?

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Course Code


  •  20 weeks

£799.00 *

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Fee: £799.00

Fee Code: L

These courses receive government funding, and some learners will be eligible for FREE tuition if you meet specific criteria. Some ‘L’ code courses from Level 2 upwards may also have an Advanced Learning Loan available for most learners aged 19 and over. See here for more information about the criteria for free tuition and here for Advanced Learning Loans.

* Please note that fees shown are for 1 year only. If course is longer than 1 year/38 weeks, then additional fees will apply.