Working with People with Mental Health Needs Level 2 Certificate

What is this course about?

This nationally accredited Certificate in Understanding Working in Mental Health Awareness helps develop the techniques, support and understanding that is required for working with individuals that have mental health problems.
The aim of the qualification is to develop the learner’s understanding of mental health, mental health illness and regulated legislation, as well as raising the learner’s awareness of the processes and approaches involved in the care and support of those who experience mental health issues.

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Working with People with Mental Health Needs Level 2 Certificate

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How is it taught

As you work through the learning materials you will have the support of a knowledgeable assessor/tutor who will give you support, advice and guidance on the course content as well as providing robust feedback on the work you complete. Upon successful completion of the course you will be awarded the NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Working in Mental Health.

What else do I need to know?

The course covers: Unit 1: Understand the role of the mental health worker. In this unit learners will consider the standards required to work in the mental health sector and the factors that support good practice within this sector. Learners will also investigate how they can develop within their own work role and how to maintain their own wellbeing. Unit 2: Mental health and mental health issues. In this unit learners will look into the need for positive mental health and the effects mental health problems can have on individuals. They will also investigate the different types of mental health problems and associated symptoms. Legislation and guidance that relate to mental health are also investigated. Unit 3: Understand duty of care in adult health and social care. In this unit learners will explore issues relating to duty of care within the context of adult health and social care. The learner will gain an understanding of possible conflicts and dilemmas faced between duty of care and individuals’ rights. They will also be able to recognise and report unsafe practice and understand the impact of own actions on individuals and others. Unit 4: Approaches to care and management in mental health. Learners will investigate the key features and principles of the care planning process and will identify aspects of good practice, including the key components of a risk assessment and the requirements of a mental health assessment. Learners will identify the agencies involved in the care process and the role they perform. Unit 5: Understanding change and support in relation to mental health. This unit will help learners understand how mental health change occurs. They will look at the support available and the role of the support workers and others. Treatment options will be investigated as well as identifying support and resources available to those experiencing mental health problems.

What could I do next?

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