As part of the “Discover: Boosting Digital Inclusion in Stoke-on-Trent project, led by Staffordshire University in partnership with VAST and 10 other organisations, we are offering a FREE digital upskilling course, delivered to two hundred parents/carers of learners at Stoke-on-Trent college. The course consists of three modules, as detailed below.

For more information please download the leaflet below.

1. Essential Digital Skills

This module will form the foundation of the course and support parents in developing their digital competencies to enable them to progress on to and understand the other two main elements of the course. The sessions will then cover the basic functional use of a computer or tablet, to include definitions of basic terms such hardware, software, programmes and the fundamentals of using each of these. Types of online communication will be discussed, including email, with training in setting up and using email. There will be a beginner level introduction to Microsoft word and the functions around word such as basic formatting (possibly in relation to CVs/ letters and other employability type skills). The internet will be explored, looking at the advantages of different browsers, finding information and developing the ability to recognise authoritative and up to date information. There will also be basic troubleshooting skills woven into each topic area.

2. Online Safety

Building on the knowledge and skills developed during the essential digital skills module, parents/carers will focus upon how to keep themselves and their children safe online. Topics such as cyberbullying, wellbeing and safeguarding will be touched upon, alongside recognising fraudulent emails or websites with inaccurate information, and ensuring that the individual is able to recognise reputable websites to enable them to function in a digital world, for example when shopping, banking or researching.

3. Supporting Your Child With Online Learning

This module will be delivered using our virtual learning platform, Canvas. The aim of the session is to enable parents to support their children with accessing the internet if necessary and finding and navigating their child’s online course. Mini activities will be developed in Canvas, mirroring those that their children might complete as part of their course. This will ensure our parents are familiar with accessing, navigating, and supporting their children with their online work.

Course Details

Start DateVarious dates available until end June 2022
Duration6 hours per module, 18 hours in total
Time/DayVarious – mornings, afternoons and evenings
LocationCauldon Campus, ST4 2DG and Burslem Campus, ST6 1JJ Stoke on Trent College

You will be onsite for face-to-face delivery of the essential digital skills and e-safety modules. The third module is delivered on Canvas and is therefore remote.

How to Apply

If you’re interested in this course, please contact our admissions team on 01782 603634 or complete the form below.