Our Purpose:

Transforming lives through learning by:

Educating young people in life and work skills

Retraining adults for new or improved careers

Delivering outstanding teaching, learning and assessment

Our Vision:

Meeting the skills needs of our local and sub-regional employers and community.

The College will be the first choice for:
Technical and professional skills for our local communities

Workforce development for regional employers/businesses

Traineeships and Apprenticeships

Our Values:

Ensure opportunities for all: widen participation and access.

Teaching, learning and assessment at the heart of everything we do; our most important pursuit.

Commitment to excellence and continuous improvement: high standards and expectations of students, ourselves and colleagues; challenging, honest and rigorous self-evaluation; seeking and sharing best practice; developing solutions orientated attitudes.

Respect and value individuals: treat everyone with respect, dignity and courtesy; recognise everyone is unique; celebrate diversity; strive to meet individual needs; prioritise learners and promote a united staff culture.

Behave honestly and with integrity: adopt an ethical and transparent approach to working with all users and stakeholders.

Stoke on Trent College also has a specific Higher Education Strategy, which is summarised by the 3 key principles below:

Wider and fairer access to HE

  • Providing clear progression routes to higher education for vocational student within the College
  • Stimulating demand from new students, including those already in work
  • Providing an affordable HE programme
  • Increasing choice of HE routes

Meeting the Skills Needs of the Region

  • Meeting customer and stakeholder needs
  • Working in collaboration with partners and employers

Improving student choice and experience of higher education

  • Enabling students to access HE locally
  • Encouraging access to HE

For more general information about Stoke on Trent College please visit the ‘About Us’ section of the website.

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