Our Vision:

Our learners will have the confidence and skills to make choices for a lifetime of fulfilment.

Our Mission:

To provide an inclusive professional and technical education to energise and grow our city region.

In doing this we:

Promise learners that we will help them to access and achieve their aspirations

Promise employers that we will work with them to develop a highly trained and reliable workforce

Promise stakeholders that we will play an active role in the development of a vibrant local economy

Stoke on Trent College also has a specific Higher Education Strategy, which is summarised by the 3 key principles below:

Wider and fairer access to HE

  • Providing clear progression routes to higher education for vocational student within the College
  • Stimulating demand from new students, including those already in work
  • Providing an affordable HE programme
  • Increasing choice of HE routes

Meeting the Skills Needs of the Region

  • Meeting customer and stakeholder needs
  • Working in collaboration with partners and employers

Improving student choice and experience of higher education

  • Enabling students to access HE locally
  • Encouraging access to HE

For more general information about Stoke on Trent College please visit the ‘About Us’ section of the website.

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