Access to Higher Education, CISCO CCNA, Level 5 Certificates and Pearson Awarded HNC/Ds

Application for these courses should be made directly to the College via the College website or by calling 01782 603634.

Full-Time Courses Awarded by Staffordshire University

Full-time programmes awarded by Staffordshire University are applied for directly through UCAS, with Staffordshire University as the institution (S72) and Stoke on Trent College as the campus. However, if you miss the UCAS deadline for applying, please contact us – we may still be able to help you find a place on a full-time programme.

UCAS applications should be made via the UCAS website –

Part-Time Courses Awarded by Staffordshire University

Part-time programmes awarded by Staffordshire University are applied for via the Staffordshire University website. Please visit and use the course search facility in ‘undergraduate study’ to find the course you are interested in. This will take you to a Staffordshire University online application form so you can complete your application.

For more information call us on 01782 603634.

Guidance for current Stoke on Trent College students

If you are a Stoke on Trent College student seeking to progress to a higher education course with us, then our highly qualified Careers Advice Team will be able to assist you in preparing for UCAS applications or for the part-time application route via the University.

Open Events

To find out more about our university level courses come to one of our Open Evenings, which take place from 5.00 to 7.30pm on a number of dates throughout the year.

Visit the events section of this website for dates in the coming year and to find out which is the right campus for you.

What happens once you have applied?

Following your application you will either be invited in for an interview or sent an offer, depending on the course you have applied for.

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