Learning Support at Stoke on Trent College

Stoke on Trent College is committed to supporting an environment that is welcoming and inclusive. 

Our Learning Support Team is on hand to provide advice and information to disabled learners and learners with learning difficulties or additional learning support needs

Learners may have additional learning support needs for many reasons including:

  • General learning difficulties or Specific Learning Difficulties (like Dyslexia)
  • Sensory disabilities including d/Deaf and hard of hearing and b/Blind or partial sight
  • Physical and mobility support needs
  • Medical conditions
  • Behavioural and emotional support needs

There are many different types of support at college

For many learners with additional support needs, additional support is given by the tutor/lecturer who may:

  • Change teaching materials and assessments to suit you
  • Give copies of teaching materials before the session or in electronic format
  • Make sure teaching/learning activities take your needs into account

Additional Support for some learners may also include:

  • specialist assessment
  • extra time to do work
  • support in exams
  • specialist equipment including laptops and enabling technology
  • support for d/Deaf and hard of hearing students
  • support workers for students with a range of sensory and physical disabilities
  • some classes have learning support assistants
  • mentors and counsellors

If you have questions about support you can talk to the tutor/lecturer. The Learning Support Team is also always happy to talk to learners about additional support.

You can contact Yvette from the Learning Support Team on:

(Tel) 01782 603563                          

(SMS text) 07786 113933

Email: lsteam@stokecoll.ac.uk

Choosing a course

We will help you find the right course for you at the right level.

Please contact the Learning Support Team to have a chat to look at all the options that might be right for you.

  • Stoke on Trent College offers a broad range of vocational courses from Level 1 to Level 3 and Higher Education.
  • Learners with learning difficulties and disabilities are enrolled across all subject areas and levels

What course is right for you?

16-18 Programmes of Study:

  • a vocational course (e.g. Health and Social Care or Motor Vehicle)
  • English and/or Maths
  • Tutorial
  • Enrichment activities including sports and clubs
  • Work experience

Our P4V (Preparation for Vocation) programmes:

  • For 16-24 year old learners
  • Improve your employability, English and Maths skills
  • Smaller groups, Key Workers, mentors and Learning Support Assistants to give you the extra support you might need
  • Practical and fun – with a focus on developing real skills for work

The Bridge Academy:

  • For 14-16 year old learners
  • Provides an alternative education setting to school
  • Depending on your individual needs, Bridge learners can be enrolled in P4V or across the college’s subject areas
  • Vocational, English and Maths qualifications
  • Practical and fun – with a focus on developing real skills for work
  • Option to complete GCSE English and Maths

Prince’s Trust Teams:

  • For 16-25 year olds
  • 15 week, full-time courses that run throughout the year
  • The teams are run in venues across Staffordshire.
  • Complete E3 and L1 employability, teamwork and community skills, English and Maths qualifications
  • Course includes a four night residential setting.
  • Each team has access to key workers to support learners with identified additional learning support needs.

English and Maths courses for young adults with a learning difficulty or disability:

  • Classes with other adults with similar needs
  • Complete City and Guilds Functional Skills English and Maths units
  • Learning Support Assistants provide in-class support

Higher Education programmes of study:

Our Learning Support team is on hand to provide initial advice and information for individuals who have an additional support need/disability, including support in applying for DSA (Disabled Students’ Allowance).  Individuals wishing to study at the College are advised to disclose their disability early in the application process.

For more information on DSA visit www.direct.gov.uk/dsas

HE Programmes of study include a range of HNC/D qualifications, Foundation degrees: Computing and IT, Early Childhood Studies, Teaching Science etc.  Would include tutorials, LRC support, careers planning and professional development.

A wide range of courses for adults

Talk to us about the right course for you.

T: 01782 603563

M: 07786 113933

E: lsteam@stokecoll.ac.uk