Real Maths Fest 2015

Stoke on Trent College is leading the way by staging the city’s first ever Maths Festival.

This celebration of everything numerical will combine a unique online maths session for schools and colleges right across the city in the morning, followed by a bustling festival of maths in the College’s Sports Academy on College Road.

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The Maths of Politics: Online Maths Lesson: 9.30 to 10.30am

This ground-breaking online session will explain how the numbers add up in a general election and then allow every participating school, college or class to participate in a mock general election online, each with a different constituency. College students will act as politicians, each pitching for your support before the votes are cast. The votes will be analysed, a result reported online, and teachers will be able to use the results to teach key principles of maths.

Will our local results reflect the national results due in a week later? Take part and find out!

Festival of Maths: 11am to 4pm – Sports Academy, Stoke on Trent College

Our Sports Academy will be filled with activities and displays highlighting the use of maths across every subject and occupation that you can think of. It’s all about REAL maths and will include the following:

  • Richard Stakes, a Further Maths expert will provide challenging logic problems: ‘who stole the cake?’ and ‘the wolf, goat and cabbage problem’! He’ll also bring simulations of a shop for you to work out the optimal number of tills to have working (think how annoying it is if Tesco have too few tills staffed), and also a simulation of flying to Happy Valley in North America.
  • Professor David Burghes from the Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching (CIMT), Plymouth Institute of Education at Plymouth University will be holding a challenge session called ‘Beat the professor’ using some unusual dice.
  • Catering – know how much sugar there is in your fizzy drinks? work it out and chart your own sugar intake each week.
  • Health and Social Care – calculating doses of medicine, the cost of smoking, how to estimate units of alcohol, how many trees go into providing a baby with nappies, and lots more.
  • Sport – the maths of skateboarding and bmx moves.
  • Sport – test your fitness, grip and stretch, then measure the results on our leader board. How do you compare to the mean, median or mode of our results?
  • Media and Performing Arts –  Number magic!
  • Steve Pardoe from Warwick University, one of the leading institutions in UK for maths, will show how algebra can be used in everyday situations.
  • Complementary Therapies – working out just how much hand or face cream we use: how many servings in a pot? how much does it cost? what would you charge per pot? Plus how to work out ratios when blending your own treatments.
  • Andrew Davies from Central College Nottingham will be creating a challenge of map-reading and working out directions, based on the Peak District.
  • Iram Hussein on Core Maths at Level 3.
  • Debs Ray from City & Guilds
  • Charlene Timewell – The OR Society: using maths techniques in the real world to help people and businesses make better decisions.  This activity will allow students to explore some everyday examples in action.
  • And there will be much more……
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