A New Look at Job Creation

Unemployed North Staffordshire residents take a New Look at job creation with Stoke on Trent College

Around 160 people have been given a route back into work in the last five months thanks to a successful partnership between Stoke on Trent College and New Look.

The college’s Recruitment Service is an official recruitment partner for the New Look distribution centre at Chesterton.

The partnership has given potential workers aged from 18 to 60 a chance to work. The vacancies are for short term contracts but regularly turn into more permanent opportunities for applicants.

Lisa Davies, Recruitment Manager, for Stoke on Trent College, said: “Our partnership with New Look has provided employment for 163 people between June and November and is on-going.

“People who have been recruited vary from 18-year-olds who are getting their feet on the first rung of the employment ladder to experienced workers who may have found themselves without a job for the first time in years because of the current difficult economic climate.”

Stoke on Trent College’s Recruitment Service works with a range of companies to match potential employees to job opportunities.

After selecting candidates for an opportunity they are given customised vocational training and employment skills training in areas such as interview techniques, team working and, where necessary, numeracy and literacy before being offered to a company for an interview.

Helen Clark, HR Manager at New Look, said: “Stoke on Trent College have supported around 160 colleagues into our workforce by preparing them for the interview and assessment.

“The pre-employment training provided by the college gives the candidates the confidence and knowledge in the role and company which is evident in their interviews.  We have enjoyed working alongside the team at Stoke College and we look forward to working with them again in 2012.”

Stoke on Trent College’s Recruitment Service works with a number ofcompanies and organisations including JCB, NHS North Staffordshire, Allied Health Care and Staffordshire Fire and Rescue.

For more information visit www.stokecoll.ac.uk, join us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/StokeonTrentCollege

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