A Soaraway Success

Stoke on Trent’s first cabin crew course is set to be a soaraway success

Ambitious city students are queuing up to enrol on a course which could send their careers soaring skywards.

Stoke on Trent College has launched its first Cabin Crew course as part of its travel services programme.

The Certificate in Cabin Crew course at the Cauldon campus, Shelton, is designed to equip students to become air stewards and stewardesses.

The one year course has been developed for students looking to start a career with an airline.

Students learn how to operate a flight safely by preparing the cabin, welcoming and boarding passengers, offering customer service and sales, giving on board safety instructions and dealing with potential emergencies as well as serving food and drink.

Teaching staff have been recruited from the airline industry to give students first hand knowledge of how to run an aeroplane cabin and cope with issues and emergencies.

Yvonne Kelly, Director of Service Sectors at Stoke on Trent College, said: “The one year Cabin Crew course gives Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire residents the chance to take the first steps to a career with an airline.

“It is a practical course designed to prepare students for a career. Stoke-on-Trent is ideally placed for anyone seeking a career in aviation as we have four major airports within around one hour drive time.

To enrol, or find out more about the course, log on to http://www.stokecoll.ac.uk and search for “cabin crew”.

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