Dedicated College Trainee gains Apprenticeship success!

A Stoke on Trent College Trainee has gained Apprenticeship success following a dedicated placement with a locally based national charity.


18-year-old Kieran Hollies O’Rourke, from Meir Hey, swapped from his A Level Programme at school to a traineeship after finding he wanted some work based learning.


After becoming disgruntled from the A Level route he had taken, the former St Thomas More Sixth Form student was advised to take the traineeship to build his employability and work experience skills, focusing on the extra learning and confidence he needed to move on to an apprenticeship.


During his Traineeship, Kieran completed an eight-week work placement with Caudwell Children. Kieran felt that his work experience helped him develop his knowledge and skills of business administration.


Kieran said, “The staff at Caudwell Children were very approachable, helping me to develop my confidence and professionalism, and always kept me busy”.


“The Traineeship was something different from the usual course; it offered lots of variety and supported my individual progression needs.”


Elaine Revans, Applications Volunteer Coordinator at Caudwell Children said, “Our approach to trainees is very straight forward – find out what skills an individual has, determine what new skills they would like to learn and determine appropriate task that would help them to develop these skills. We tailor each placement to ensure that the individual is gaining something from the time they spend at Caudwell Children.  Volunteering isn’t just about what you can do for the charity; it is also about the charity can do for you”.


Barry Brown, Learner Support Advisor for Traineeships at Stoke on Trent College said, “I could not have been happier with Kieran’s attitude towards his placement. It was clear from the beginning that he wanted to learn.  He was truly dedicated and focused to learning new skills and finding a suitable apprenticeship. Kieran has all of the key attributes that an employer would want to find in a new employee and I have no doubt that he will go far in everything he does in life”.


After completing the Traineeship, Kieran successfully gained an apprenticeship with Norcros Adhesives of Tunstall.  Kieran said, “It was not what I expected, I didn’t realise how much teamwork would be involved but I enjoy working with the people at Norcross. There is always someone to turn to for support and they give me the time to complete my studies.”


Jackie Gill, Sales office manager at Norcros said, “Kieran is a bright student, who is a delight to train and has risen to the challenges of working as part of the Norcros team.  Kieran’s role has developed very quickly in response to him proving his competence on the apprenticeship programme. We have had a number of successful apprentices, who have gone on to work in Account Management, Customer Services and the technical side. We not only aim to give the apprentices the skills required for business administration but also develop their personal skills. The ability to adapt and interact is the biggest challenge for apprentices in the workplace. We look for an apprentice’s natural flair, for the various avenues available, the company needs young blood, who as the company grows can be allocated the right positon for them. All our Business Administration Apprentices have progressed on to the Level Three Apprentice and full time employment; we have recently sponsored an employee through additional education.”


Kieran hopes to progress on to the Level Three Apprenticeship and secure full time employment with Norcros in the future.


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