Dragon’s Den Style Hackathon

More than 80 students from Stoke on Trent College are taking part in a Dragon’s Den Style hackathon this week!

The Business and IT Students are working in groups to a live brief set by Supply Chain Specialist Gary Spence of HSCUK.  Each group has been allocated one of three websites to create within the week, either to encourage others into a profession in IT or to look at cyber security.

As well as the design, students have to think about visibility, costings and effectiveness for their design – prior to presenting their finding’s to a panel of experts on Friday (10th).

Student’s from as young as 15 will be taking part in the weeklong event.  Stoke on Trent College Lecturer Boo Zandu said: “This is an ideal opportunity for students to gain first-hand experience of the industry and the skills they will need for website-design.  Not only are they working to a live brief, they will have to present their finished product to a panel of experts and be scrutinised over their decisions and costings.  It truly is a valuable experience for them as well as a lesson in team-working and how to express their ideas within the group to create a viable website!”

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