Dylan lays foundation for his career

Bricklaying student Dylan Abbott shows he has what it takes when it comes to finding work!

Level 1 student Dylan has shown himself to be ahead of the game when it comes to gaining work experience whilst at College. Instead of waiting for a work placement to be suggested to him, Dylan chose to make enquiries at local building contractor Contrak Construction on Loomer Road in Newcastle. It just happened to be one he would pass on his way to college.

Contrak were impressed by his initiative and agreed to provide Dylan with not just the 30 hours of work experience recommended, but a full 45 week, involving 7am pick-up at the site office each day. Not only did the week go well and completely fulfil the work experience element of Dylan’s Stoke on Trent College course, he also impressed bosses at Contrak.

Diane Hutchinson, Work Experience Coordinator at the College made contact with Contrak after the placement and said “they spoke highly of Dylan, mentioned how he had listened and responded to instruction, was hard working, polite and was never on his phone (no mean feat these days!). He has now been offered a part time job 2 days a week with the company, with a view to progressing on to an Apprenticeship later in the  year.”

Dylan himself is really pleased with how things went on his placement. He said “I’ve enjoyed my time there and am really pleased to have been offered part-time work. I’ve been able to put to use the skills I’ve been learning at Stoke on Trent College. Now I’m hoping to be taken on as an Apprentice at the end of my course.”

Stoke on Trent College construction staff were so impressed by Dylan’s initiative and the outcome that they decided to reward him further. He received a personal letter of commendation from the Principal Denise Brown, and a bag of gifts from the College including a digital camera. Mark Whittaker, Director of Marketing, who handed over the gifts to Dylan said “we’re hoping his positive example and its rewards will encourage other students to show the same kind of initiative when it comes to finding a work placement. Employers are really looking for that kind of get-up-and-go attitude from students, as well as the kind of commitment Dylan showed on placement.”

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