Finger Lickin’ Good Course!

Following on from their recent short Academy for Customer Service skills, Stoke on Trent College’s Skills for Employment Team are pleased to announce a further academies with fast food giant KFC.

The team had over 40 referrals from the job centres locally, with twelve candidates starting the bespoke training in August this year.

On completing the course, the students were guaranteed an assessment interview for the various customer service roles.  The 2-hour assessments included group tasks such as designing an earthquake proof building out of straws and paper.  Each participant was given the opportunity to work together as a team and shine.  Candidates then took part in a 1:1 interview.

The team achieved a 66% success rate with eight out of the twelve candidates gaining a role within the company.

KFC’s Recruitment Manager, Sharon said, “This has been a great opportunity. We have worked well with the College and the Job Centre and we should have some good people presented to us.  We are happy to be running several more academies including one for our Stafford branch.”

Jacky Silk, Programme Team Leader said, “On the strength of this Academy, KFC have asked us to run two more academies in the Potteries for their openings in Fenton, Festival Park, Newcastle and Sandyford and have also asked us to deliver one In Stafford Job Centre for their outlet in Stafford.

We are really pleased to be in partnership with them, ensuring that the quality standard s of their workforce is met.”

The next Academy is scheduled to run at the end of September with Stafford in October and a third in the City in November.

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