Former College lecturer completes challenge.

Former Stoke on Trent college lecturer Jeff Kent completes his dream challenge – conquering all the peaks of Shropshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire!

Determined hill walker Jeff set himself a mission of identifying and climbing every peak in Staffordshire over 1,000 feet tall in 2012. He followed that feat by conquering and classifying every 1,000ft peak in Cheshire in 2014.

Now, Jeff is master of the hills of three counties after spending this year and part of 2015 completing his latest mission, to reach the top of all 197 1,000ft peaks in Shropshire.

Jeff was accompanied on his adventures by his partner, and photographer Sue Bell – but some of the more hazardous climbs she left Jeff to face alone, particularly when beset by obstacles that would turn back all but the hardiest of hill climbers.


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