Industry Chefs return to the classroom once more!

Three established and well-respected chefs returned to the classroom to dish up an exciting master-class for students today.

Brand Development Chef at Nestle, Justin Clarke, joined Bidfood regional account manager Kesley Hull and Nestle’s Customer Development Manager, Charlotte Fryer, at Stoke on Trent College on Wednesday 21st June 2017.  The three shared their culinary skills with food preparation and professional cookery students studying on the Level 1 food preparation and cooking NVQ.

The students not only gained a key insight into the different career paths and how each of them have moved forward within the industry but also created recipe’s from products that industry chef’s use.

College lecturer Carly Bryan said: “It is extremely important that students gain a real insight into the industry and the products that are used. It isn’t as traditional as our usual sessions and is great to facilitate their learning with industry professionals.”

Karen Pointon, who is also a lecturer at Stoke on Trent College, said, “This gives the students a different perspective of the industry, using new products and creating recipes that they would if they were working in restaurants around the area.  It gives a different perspective to our teaching and we work alongside them to create the recipes, evaluating their work and tasting their culinary delights.”

Catering and Retail Manager at Stoke on Trent College, Dawn Vincent, said “The students are really excited to meet Justin, Charlotte and Kes and learn about their culinary careers to date.

“Their visit will not only inspire our learners, but offer them first-hand knowledge of the fast-paced sector they have chosen to carve a career in.

“The masterclass aims to build their confidence, as well as their knowledge-base. We are incredibly thankful to the team for their time and we are looking forward to the continued opportunities this partnership brings.”

18 year old Kyle Simcock from Tunstall said: “It was great to work with the Chef’s and find out about their story.  They gave us some really quick ideas of how to prepare food for service.  I created a South East Asian curry, it smelt and tasted wonderful – although I think you choose food with your eyes and would have preferred to leave the peppers more chunkier.  We cut them all to the same size so they would have the same length of time cooking”.

The students created a number of dishes from recipes designed by Bidfood’s Kesley Hull. “It is extremely important that the youngsters get a chance to use products they will be using within the industry.” Said Justin.  “It’s a pleasure to return to the College and enthuse students who are the future in our Industry.”

Nestle’s Customer Development Manager Charlotte Fryer will be working alongside the students. “These are the Chefs of tomorrow and it is really important to see them at an early stage of their development.  Not detracting from the basic skills they need to learn, this also encourages them to cut corners with products to enable them to develop new and exciting recipes.”

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