Job success for Chantelle!

“This has made a massive difference to my life. I have a brain and can learn things. Most of all I can succeed in anything I choose to do.” – Chantelle.

Do you need skills to gain employment? Our ongoing courses will not only equip you with the skills you need but also help with interview applications and techniques.

Read Chantelle’s story!

“I have not worked for a long time and felt really down on my chances of getting a job. I felt that I was unable to learn anything and had no direction. The first course I did was New Leaf, which helped me build my confidence, make friends and gain some valuable accredited qualifications. I would highly recommended that anyone interested in this course, try it-I am glad I did!
I then asked my work coach Bev from Hanley if I could go onto a Sector Based Academy that was running with the college for jobs at KFC. She referred me to the course, which ran for a week. I really enjoyed the experience and gained my Food Hygiene Certificate. We learnt exactly what to expect at the KFC assessment and techniques to help us with nerves and to overcome those interview jitters!
Staff from KFC met with us during the academy and this helped on the assessment day as I was less nervous having met them beforehand.
I enjoyed the assessment experience and was offered a role within my chosen KFC Branch, something I never would have thought possible a few months ago.

This has made a massive difference to my life, I realise I have a brain and can learn things and most of all that I can succeed in anything I choose to do” .
Bev said-“I am over the moon for Chantelle, she has been determined to make a success of things and the partnership working with the college really does help people to move forward. I continue to support Chantelle with her benefits until she makes the transition into work and am really pleased for her”.

Assessments will be at 10.00am on either Tuesdays & Thursdays.
Your work coach can arrange an appointment for you and will cover your travel costs.

Call 01782 227650 to book an assessment appointment.

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