Lecturer Enjoys Literary Success

A children’s novelist is enjoying the sweet smell of success after rave reviews from young and old audiences alike.

Carl Ashmore, 42 from Crewe, Cheshire, is a full time lecturer of Media at Stoke on Trent College and the proud author of ‘The Time Hunters’ – an exciting novel that has been described by one reviewer as ‘the natural successor to Harry Potter.’

The plot centres around two children, Becky and Joe, their eccentric time-travelling Uncle Percy and the mythical hero, Will Scarlet, as they embark on an exciting race through and against time to find the Golden Fleece – a thrilling adventure that leads them to Victorian England, Ancient Crete and the Jurassic era.

The Time Hunters is the first of a five book series, and although aimed at children, is appealing to adults across the world. Teachers from America, New Zealand, Australia and Denmark have all been in touch with Carl to inform him of the book’s success with their pupils.

Since leaving the Television industry in 1994, Carl has worked as a full-time lecturer in media production for Stoke on Trent College and thoroughly enjoys the creative environment in which he works.

He teaches both practical and theoretical disciplines within media, including screenwriting, and hopes that his success as a self-published writer can inspire students to realise their ambitions.

Carl said, “I love being a lecturer, and am proud of my work at Stoke on Trent College. I also enjoy writing books in my spare time and hope they are something my two-year-old daughter, Alice, can enjoy in the future.”

“The success of ‘The Time Hunters’ has been overwhelming to say the least. The response, particularly from the older reader, has been fantastic. I was contacted recently by the daughter of a blind 95-year- old woman in America, who said that she had read the book to her mother and they both loved it.”

When asked about why he thought the book had been successful Carl added: “I think these are difficult times on so many levels, and we need genuine escapism more than ever. ‘The Time Hunters’ offers that. It’s exciting, challenging and to some extent educational. Most of all, though, I hope it’s fun.”

Since its release eight months ago, ‘The Time Hunters’ has sold over five thousand copies across the world. Carl has also written two more books for a younger audience – ‘The Night they Nicked Saint Nick’ and ‘Bernard and the Bibble.’

All Carl’s books are available to buy online in either paperback or Kindle Edition at www.amazon.co.uk.

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