Merlin magic on the menu

Two established and well-respected chefs went back to the classroom to dish up an exciting master-class for students at their former college.

Executive Head Chef at Alton Towers Resort, Dan Wilbraham, and Senior Sous Chef, Didier Ntare, shared their culinary skills with food preparation and professional cookery students at Stoke on Trent College on Thursday, April 14th.

The students were able to gain a key insight into Dan and Didier’s leading roles at the UK’s top attraction, as well as trying their hand at planning, preparing and serving a range of dishes from one of the restaurant menus at Alton Towers Resort.

Dan, who joined Alton Towers in 2002, now looks after a team of more than 100 people at the resort, including four head chefs. He is currently overseeing the implementation of the UK’s first Rollercoaster Restaurant, where diners’ meals will travel along two gravity-defying loop-the-loops before reaching their tables. The restaurant, which opens at the resort on May 13th, will create more than 20 new jobs in the area for those interested in the catering sector.

Didier came to the UK after fleeing his home country ten years ago. He has overcome a series of barriers, including learning to speak English, to thrive in the catering sector and get to where he is today. He remembers his time at Stoke on Trent College very fondly and the support he received from tutors.

Their visit is the start of a new partnership between Stoke on Trent College and Alton Towers Resort that will provide key training opportunities and support for catering students studying at Stoke on Trent College.

Gill Jones, Head of School for Catering at Stoke on Trent College, said: “The students are very excited to meet Dan and Didier, and learn about their culinary careers to date.

“Their visit will not only inspire our learners, but offer them first-hand knowledge of the fast-paced sector they have chosen to carve a career in.

“The masterclass will no doubt help build their confidence, as well as their knowledge-base. We are incredibly thankful to Dan and his team for their time and we are looking forward to the new opportunities this partnership will bring.”

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