Micro-Tyco (Enterprise and Entrepreneurship) Challenge – November 2014

Could you be a budding entrepreneur?

The challenge is to raise as much money as possible from the starting investment of £1.

The money created from Micro-Tyco will then be invested by WildHearts in micro-loans to help the world’s poorest people work their own way out of poverty with dignity and self-respect.

Groups of up to five students can enter the challenge and participants will receive MICRO-TYCO goodies, updates on their micro investments, master classes.

For more information visit the website that includes video and more information about the scheme.


If you like the idea and want to take up the challenge, then contact our Enterprise Coordinator Barry Brown:

bbrow1sc@stokecoll.ac.uk           or          Tel: 07786 114066

More information about Micro-Tyco: Become an Entrepreneur to Fund an Entrepreneur

How does it work?

Micro-Tyco will run every February and November. Teams choose which month they want to participate in and ‘apply’ to WildHearts for ‘seed capital’; a micro-loan of £1. Once the clock starts they have one month to turn it into as much money as possible. At the end of the month the team with the most money wins. There is only one rule: transactions must be legal.

Micro-Tyco is the product of over ten years’ experience in enterprise education and entrepreneurial success and is designed to invigorate our companies, challenge the dependency culture and stimulate self-reliance and enterprise. It is fast, fun and furious, forcing contestants to break out of their limited self perceptions and comfort zones. Micro-Tyco inspires the spirit of enterprise in its purest form and rewards participants with the knowledge that in business, if they can succeed at Micro-Tyco, they can succeed at anything.

Who can enter?

School, colleges, universities, clubs and companies can enter teams to Micro-Tyco. Each team must have no more than 5 members but each organisation can enter as many teams as they wish. Companies compete against companies, schools against schools and Universities and Colleges against each other, with one winner from each group.

Background information

Micro-Tyco enables you to practice and learn fundamental business concepts in a micro-environment. Over the last three years, 16,875 Micro-Tycos from Schools to Corporates have been inspired to learn the latest entrepreneurial thinking. Micro-Tyco has proven to be so inspirational that collectively the teams have generated over £600,000, which has been invested by WildHearts in microfinance in the developing world, helping thousands of people to transform their lives and lift their families out of poverty. Participants have ‘become Entrepreneurs to fund Entrepreneurs’ and now have a deep experiential knowledge of the transformative power of compassionate entrepreneurship. By associating business excellence with economic justice, Micro-Tyco inspires the Leaders Our World Deserves. The results speak for themselves; Micro-Tyco is already compulsory graduate training for multi-nationals such as Wood Group and RBS and is used by Deloitte as a talent identification strategy in UK universities. In fact Micro-Tyco is so effective in inspiring entrepreneurial action that Babson College, Boston, the world’s top school for entrepreneurship, has awarded it the highly prestigious Babson Social Innovation Award.

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