Out of this world experience!

Students from Stoke on Trent College have been preparing for a reading exam with a trip to outer space.

ESOL foundation course youngsters visited the National Space Centre in Leicester to find out if life really does exist on other planets. The youngsters had been studying the novel “The War of The Worlds” by H.G.Wells, which had been adapted for ESOL learners as a penguin reader.

ESOL Lecturer, Matthew Judd, said “The adaption is a great resource for students, one of many more penguin reader titles available for students to borrow in the college LRC”.

The story is about Earth being invaded by Martians and it was an ideal opportunity for students to discuss the novels theories. Students had the opportunity to view six interactive galleries, learn about the training of astronauts in the UK’s largest planetarium, take part in a unique 3D Simulator experience and climb to the top of the iconic 42m high Rocket Tower.

“It was a great day out!” said Matthew, “an out of this world experience!”

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