Presenters face intense sky high challenge

At an emergency 30,000 feet up in the air, cabin crew need to keep calm, think straight and save lives, but will two local radio presenters show they have what it takes?

From on air to in the air, radio presenters Louise Stones and Andy Cook from The Signal 1 Breakfast Show, will be part of an emergency evacuation at Stoke on Trent College’s new aircraft cabin facility next week (Wednesday, November 6th.)

Following intense training, the duo will take on the “Cabin Crew Challenge”, which will see them have to prepare for an emergency landing and carry out an evacuation of the plane. Amid the shouting, panic and emergency noise, they will each need to take charge of the situation and save the lives of those on board.

The drill is typical of that which second year Cabin Crew students at the College have to complete as part of their assessment. Andy and Louise will be under the watchful eye of staff and graded on their performance.

Kelly Harper, Cabin Crew Tutor for Stoke on Trent College, said “This is certainly one of the toughest and most exhilarating situations we put our Air Cabin Crew students through.

“The emergency evacuation exercise requires concentration, focus and the ability to stay calm under pressure.

“Working for an airline can be a very intense and challenging job role. Fortunately people don’t often get to see that side of the occupation, but for our student’s hoping to gain a career with an airline it is something they must know and understand.

“The Cabin Crew course is all geared towards helping them prepare for a job in the aviation industry and give them the real skills they need to succeed. Working for an airline remains one of the most sought after job roles and we want to ensure our students stand out from the crowd by having the correct skills to get ahead.

“Thanks to the new aircraft cabin facility we have at Stoke on Trent College, we are able to make the scenario as life-like as possible so Andy and Louise need to be prepared for whatever is thrown at them.”

Ahead of the challenge, Louise Stones said: “We’re really excited about being involved in the Cabin Crew Challenge.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for local students to be able to undertake these courses and getting to showcase them is such good fun, we really enjoy getting involved!”

Co-presenter, Andy Cook, added: “These challenges are really diverse and exciting. It’s amazing seeing what courses are on offer to young people in the area through Stoke on Trent College”

Following the exercise, which will be broadcast on air, members of the public interested in Travel and Tourism courses are invited to visit the facility for themselves.

From 5.30pm to 7.30pm the following day (Thursday, November 7th) the College’s Cabin Crew staff and students will be on hand to answer questions and show people around the state-of-the-art facilities.

Kelly, who previously worked as cabin crew for Thomas Cook for 10 years, added: “It is a fantastic opportunity for those who are considering a future in aviation or travel and tourism to come along and get any questions answered.

They will also be able to look around our facilities, speak to our students and even take part in some of the demonstrations we will be staging.”

Alternatively, those wishing to find out more about Travel and Tourism courses at Stoke on Trent College can call 01782 208208 or visit

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