Princes Trust Buddy Up!

Young volunteers from the Prince’s Trust for Stoke on Trent College took part in partnership work for their one-day project with the Buddy Bag Foundation.


We volunteered our time to help support the charity with a bag pack of essential items for children who find themselves in emergency accommodation due to complex family situations.


The Buddy Bag Foundation provides bags of essential and comfort items for children in emergency shelter such as toothbrushes, PJ’s, pants and vests, reading books and cuddly teddy bear.


Abby Heath the Prince’s Trust Team Leader said:


“When we heard about the compassionate and heartwarming work being carried out by this local charity, we were keen to support. The Buddy Bags Foundation plays a significant role in restoring security into a child’s life during traumatic times and I’m really proud of my young volunteer team here for getting involved in the bag pack and making the job a huge success. A lot of my students can relate to the important work that the charity offers and have been in similar situations in their young lives, where this project could have benefited them as children ”

Karen Williams from the Buddy Bags Foundation added:

“We would like to issue a heartfelt thanks to everyone at the Prince’s Trust for rolling their sleeves up and getting involved in the bag pack. I started the Buddy Bags Foundation to help the rising number of children entering emergency care after fleeing violent situations at home. These bags are designed to provide extra love and support they need towards a happy and successful future.”

Alex Wood age 23 said:

“Myself and our team of young volunteers age 16 – 25 years at the Prince’s Trust helped pack rucksacks for the Buddy Bag Foundation. The project was very rewarding as we knew that we were making a real difference to children who needed our help. This project was very true to our hearts as some members of the team have had to use the emergency service of women’s refuges when they were children. We would like to thank Karen and her team for giving us this opportunity to volunteer for this fantastic charity.”

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