S-o-T College invests in Hanley Park

Stoke on Trent College invests in the future of Hanley Park

Photo Opportunity: 11am on Sat 26th November at the Lifestyle Building, Stoke on Trent College, Cauldon Campus (photo opportunity on the Terrace Walkway)

Stoke on Trent College and the UniQ partnership are stepping up efforts to improve Hanley Park.

With support from Stoke-on-Trent City Council a series of events have been arranged for Saturday 26th November with the College hosting a public meeting at 11am in the Lifestyle Building.

Visitors to the park on Saturday will be able to see the first round of improvements and will be encouraged to attend the meeting to help to set up the Friends of Hanley Park committee.

The College is currently supporting the remodelling of Hanley Park with the recent restoration of the terrace walkway which visitors will be invited to enjoy on the day.

Colin Briley, Executive Director of Finance at Stoke on Trent College, said “It’s been a priority for the College to get involved with recent improvements at Hanley Park. Hosting the public meeting on Saturday is a way that the college can help to ensure its future.

“Following on from the recent renovations students are now using the park both for recreation and curriculum activities including Public Services, Army preparation and Health and Sports.

“We aim to support the future developments in the park and to encourage further student activities and events to take place.”

Malcolm Newman, Director of the UniQ programme, commented:

“Stoke-on-Trent College has been the main investor in the park and it is important that we now build on the current restoration developments by encouraging local people to become a Friend of Hanley Park.

“The open public meeting being held on Saturday at 11am is a great opportunity for the local community to contribute to the developments and create greater investment opportunities in the park.

“Hanley Park is an important part of the plans to develop the UniQ and to transform the area around south Shelton into a safe and vibrant place to work, live and study.”

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