Shooting skills taken to the next level.

Students who are part of the Hoop Skills Basketball Club at Stoke on Trent College are taking their shooting development to the next level with the arrival of the “Shoot Away 8000 basketball retrieval system.

For the past week, Hoop Skills Basketball Club members have been able to get up game like shots none-stop without having to worry about having a teammate or coach passing them the ball.

Shawn Jamison, Hoop Skills Managing Director and Head Coach of The Stoke-on-Trent Knights Men’s Basketball Club purchased “The Gun” as it is famously nicknamed back in June.

Jamison has always stated that the most important thing here at the Hoop Skills Basketball Club is the development of the youth from the grassroots level.

The former Harlem Globetrotter also hopes that with the purchase of the Gun, young kids will be able to learn the art of shooting the basketball the right way by getting up plenty of shoots every day, learning correct technique, and developing muscle memory.

Institute of Sports Performance Manager Trevor Humphries said: “This is undeniably one of the best shooting action machines in the world.  Yet again, our head basketball coach has pulled the development of our elite athletes to the fore with the use of the Hoopskills machine for our College basketball team.  These basketball shooting practice machines have revolutionised the way programs everywhere improve their game”.

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