Step up to work!

Stoke on Trent College students are stepping up to work this week in a bid to help their community and increase their chances of employment.

Motor Vehicle students will be using their skills to offer free winter checks for motorists.

Students will be at Tesco in Hanley on Monday’s to offer free advice and guidance.

Advanced Skills lecture at Stoke on Trent College, David Martin, said: “When winter comes, it’s especially important to double check that your car is ready for the roads, when the conditions can be difficult and dangerous.  Breakdowns can increase during the winter months so it’s worth giving your car a thorough check before any long journey or if the weather is especially bad.”

Stoke on Trent College Work experience coordinator, Neil Hamilton, said: “This is just one of the work experience opportunities our students are undertaking at this time.  Hair and Beauty students are also offering their services at the Ruby Rooms in the potteries shopping centre.  It is an ideal opportunity for them not only to work in a professional environment but to gain communication skills and give something back to the community in which they learn!”

The new partnership with the Ruff and Ruby Rooms will give students a first-hand experience as well as infusing their ethos of self-worth, aspiration and purpose.

Students will be offering their service 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday at the Ruff and Ruby Rooms, Intu Potteries Centre from Tuesday 24th January 2017.

Birches Head based Ruby Girl and Ruff Diamondz youth project was set up in 2010 to help young people overcome the factors that affect their self-esteem and become stronger.  Dawn Deaville, Director of Ruby Girl UK said: “We work with 13-25-year-old young people from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds as well as targeted “at risk” groups.  It is important that the students feel part of the team while they are on their work placement.  They won’t be just a “bolt-on” and will be included in all team meetings about the day to day running of Ruby Rooms”.

Motor Vehicle students will also be working upstairs at the Ruby Rooms, repairing and maintaining cycles.

Meanwhile, motor Vehicle students involved with the winter vehicle check will be at Tesco, Hanley each Monday from 30th January 2017.

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