Students avoid the Hangman’s Noose!

Students from Stoke on Trent College were on their best behaviour on a recent trip to Blackpool, in an attempt to avoid the hangman’s noose!

Ned Barlow, a hangman of Lancaster Castle in the 1700’s, displayed a rare sign of mercy on the youngsters as he showed them around the Blackpool Tower Dungeon.

The ESOL foundation course youngsters heard the story about the relentless northern executioner and how he was haunted by the countless deaths he was responsible for.

The visit aimed to give a fun, exciting and sometimes scary experience for the 16-19 year olds, for whom English is not their first language.

ESOL Lecturer Matthew Judd said, “Stoke on Trent College promotes British values in its teaching, especially the” rule of law”. The Blackpool Tower Dungeon trip gave students an opportunity to learn more about the history of crime and punishment.  We believe in adding a different dimension to our teaching; taking learning out of the classroom, gives our students a unique, exciting and sometimes scary walkthrough their learning experience that they will never forget”.

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The Blackpool Tower Dungeon

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