Students get key opportunity

Students are being given the chance to get expert advice, speak to employers and find out about university opportunities thanks to a special event.

Stoke on Trent College has joined forces with a number of companies and organisations to stage a careers fair for its students on Wednesday March 25th and April 1st,  to help support them to get ahead.

Public service organisations such as the Royal Navy, Army and Staffordshire Police, as well as Higher education institutions such as Keele University and Staffordshire University will be on hand to help give guidance and advice to some of the college’s 15,000 students.

Companies such as Bloor Homes, Novus Construction and Siemens engineering, as well as organisations such as Mitchell Arts Centre and Signal Radio will be showcasing opportunities available to students during and after their course.

The event is part of the college’s Progression Week, an initiative to help support and encourage students to think about, and explore first-hand,  future options after college.

Jane Dunning, careers coordinator at Stoke on Trent College, said: “This event gives the opportunity for students to speak to key organisations about future possibilities and find out about the range of exciting options available to them during and after their studies.

“Thanks to our strong links with leading employers in the area and community organisations we are able to open up a world of opportunities to our learners, helping them get ahead in their chosen progression route of employment or in higher education.

“With the on-going support of these organisations and businesses we are able to bring key expertise on campus and help our learners access to the key career support and advice, contributing to their learner experience at Stoke on Trent College.”

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