Volunteering makes a difference!

Students from Stoke on Trent College have been making a difference by volunteering their services in the area.
Youngsters have been working to create a Canoe Portage Point on the Kayak Trail part of the Canal Towpath in Hanley Park. 
The work is part of the ongoing relationship that the college has with the Canal and River Trust, engaging young people in worthwhile activities to make a difference to the lives of others. 
Work Experience Coordinator at Stoke on Trent College, Neil Hamilton, said: “Working with The Canal & River Trust gives our students a different perspective on what is happening not only on the waterway network, but also their local area. The opportunity to learn more about the environment and do some practical work getting dirty and wet is a great change from normal student life. The time spent with the Canal & River Trust helps to develop confidence, communication and practical skills whilst having fun at the same time. Meeting new people and discovering what they do and how they do it, can spark a desire for their next step in life. All of these are things are important, but the main aim of the week is to get involved and have some fun doing it!”

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