Youngsters teach old tricks at Gladstone Pottery Museum

Bricklaying students from Stoke on Trent College have spent a week building a bottle kiln at Gladstone Pottery Museum.

Students and lecturers from the college’s construction department headed to the museum’s car park to show how the famous bottle kilns were constructed, as part of the ongoing celebrations to mark the 40th anniversary of the last time a bottle kiln was fired in the Potteries.

Students gave demonstrations and constructed the outline shape of the oven, assisted by their lecturers.

Pete Walters, team leader in construction, motor vehicle and engineering at Stoke on Trent College, comments:

“The bottle kiln is an extremely important part of the area’s potteries heritage and this was a great opportunity for our level 2 bricklaying students to learn about the construction of the kilns and demonstrate their skills.

This was technical work which is normally covered in their level 3 course next year. They all did exceptionally well and they enjoyed being part of a team working in a community event here at the Gladstone Pottery Museum.”


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