Real skills

At Stoke on Trent College we give you the practical skills that are specific to your chosen career. But you will also develop employability skills – the ‘hidden’ skills that employers are looking for in interviews and job applications. Gaining these skills and learning the techniques for how to stand out from the crowd will significantly increase your chance of getting a job or Apprenticeship.

Real professionals

The teaching staff at Stoke on Trent College are of course highly trained and qualified teachers and assessors, but through their time spent in the workplace they also possess the skills, knowledge and understanding of their occupation to pass on to students. Add our World Skills coach to the mix and you have a team of industry professionals supporting you all the way into the world of work.

Real work environments

The workshops at Stoke on Trent College meet and exceed industry standards. More than classrooms, many are commercially operating facilities where you’ll meet real customers, gain genuine experience and be a part of something that’s really happening. Your on-the-job training will be at the cutting edge, in state-of-the-art facilities, just as you’d find in the real world.

We’ve just completed a £36M redevelopment of both our Burslem and Cauldon Campuses, which has included the construction of two state-of-the-art buildings, which are now home to cutting-edge facilities in fresh and vibrant surroundings.  It means students at Stoke on Trent College now have access to some of the most innovative equipment and impressive workshops in the UK, including recently unveiled advanced engineering and manufacturing equipment worth more than £600,000, Unreal Engine, 3D Studio Max software and equipment for 3D gaming worth over £21,000 and high-tech Microsoft Academy to name a few.

All our workshops are designed with industry in mind, so you will always be working in an area that simulates the workplace of your chosen sector, getting hands-on skills. Thanks to our real-life ‘home’ sections, learners can safely practice complex trades such as plumbing and electrical in real living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens; whilst our motor vehicle students get access to our large, fully operational motor vehicle workshops that are stocked with everything from HGVs to scooters.

Our brand new Enterprise Hub at Cauldon offers the very best in new facilities and equipment for courses in Science, Sports, Public Services, Travel, Business and ICT.

Added to that are our L’Oreal salon and spa, multi-million pound Sports Academy, Live Nation Centre for Media and Performing Arts, Atrium Restaurant and training kitchens and fantastic learning resource facilities.  We’re delighted to invite you to step inside to see for yourself what Stoke on Trent College has to offer.

By taking our real approach to learning, you have the opportunity to get the job you want.