This information relates to courses for adults starting from 1st August 2020 to 31st July 2021

Fee Code L

These courses receive government funding, and some learners will be eligible for FREE tuition if they meet specific criteria (see below).  Some ‘L’ code courses at level 3 to 6 may also have an Advanced Learning Loan available for learners aged 19 and over.

In general learners will have to pay the published fee, but you may be eligible for FREE tuition if you meet one of the criteria shown below.

FREE TUITION for ‘L’ fee code courses if:

  • You are aged under 19 on 31st August 2020
  • You are aged between 19 and 23 at the start of the course, studying an eligible first full Level 2 or full Level 3 qualification
  • You are aged between 19 and 23 at the start of the course, studying an Entry or Level 1 course (excluding ESOL) in order to progress to a full Level 2
  • You are unemployed* and in receipt of certain benefits and studying selected courses
  • The course is Maths or English, for those without a grade C to include grade C/grade 4 or above
  • You are studying selected taster courses
  • You are studying selected Level 1 courses
  • You are studying selected Level 2 Distance Learning courses and live in England (subject to a postcode check)
  • You are studying a ‘Skills for Employment’ course
  • You have a gross household income of less than £17,004 per annum, are eligible to study in England and are studying selected courses

These criteria excludes those aged 19+ wishing to study at Level 3 or above, for whom the Advanced Learning Loan may be available – see Advanced Learning Loans.

Please note that for any course coded L, if you believe you are entitled to FREE tuition, you will need to bring evidence with you when you enrol, such as an entitlement letter or award notice.

You will not be able to attend the course without payment or this evidence. It is your responsibility to notify the College of any change in your personal circumstances.

If you fall into one of the following categories, please seek further advice:

• in custody and released on temporary licence (RoTL) following learning outside a prison environment;

• have left the British Armed Forces after completing four or more years of service or have been medically discharged due to an injury in active service, after completing basic training.

This information is subject to change; for the latest information or clarity on the criteria please contact the Admissions Team on 01782 603634 or email

Fee Code C

These courses are full-cost, which means that there is no fee remission available. All learners must pay the full cost of the course.

Fee Code H

These are higher education qualifications, and no fee remission is available. However, most students will be eligible for a tuition fee loan from the Student Loans Company, and may also be eligible for a maintenance loan, depending on your circumstances. For more information visit or see the Student Finance England website  

Fee Code P

These are community courses, aimed at helping adults of all ages get back into learning.  The courses are subsidised so there is no fee remission available, but many of these are already free.

*’Unemployed’ includes anyone earning less than £330 per month or 16 times the national minimum wage per week.  Evidence to demonstrate this satisfactorily will be 2 months’ or 6 weeks’ wage slips.

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