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  • Job related training and advice for adults seeking work in North Staffordshire.
  • We are a specialist college team dedicated to helping people to get the job they want.
  • We are based at Stoke on Trent College, Cauldon Campus where we have a team of advisers and training facilities especially for adults who are looking for work or to improve their skills.
  • We link with local Job Centre Plus to run Sector Based Work Academies that provide sector specific training, placement and guaranteed interviews with local employers
  • Stoke on Trent College has links to major employers and a wide range of job-related training.

The job that suits you

We’re here to help you find the job that suits you. You don’t need to have experience or qualifications, nor do you need to know precisely what you want to do. If you know which direction to take then we’ll help you get there…but if you’re uncertain our advisers will help you to decide and advise you of the local employment options and opportunities.

We have been helping adults into work for over 15 years, and our advisers are experienced in providing our clients with the right skills and opportunities to progress them into work or further education.

Our courses

We offer courses in many work-related areas including:

For more information on the range of courses available please take a look at our Skills Catalogue

Read about Sam’s journey with us

Sam came to the College in May 2022 to complete a sector-based work academy with a guaranteed interview with Pets at Home Distribution Centre. Sam had faced so many barriers in recent years including mental health issues and addiction causing him to question whether he should even be on the course. After years as a stage lighting and sound technician, Sam worked with many famous faces over the years, but sadly due to covid, employment opportunities dried up and Sam found himself unemployed.

Throughout his time at College Sam grew in confidence and became fully involved with the course that would lead him back into employment – he was determined to get back on his feet. Sam worked hard, stayed focused and despite his issues, was able to motivate and encourage others.

Samuel Poulten, Stoke on Trent College student.

As we all do, Sam had good and bad days but always gave 110% and attended College when required, brightening up everybody’s day with his infectious smile. He became very aware that specific occupations could lead him back into addiction, therefore he aimed to gain employment which not only gave him a wage but allowed him to remain safe and well.
Upon course completion, Sam attained a job interview and impressed so much that he was given the job on the same day!

Sam is now looking to rebuild his life and enjoy time with his daughter after gaining desirable qualifications from Stoke on Trent College and finding employment in a more stable economic sector.

Sam has faced adversity, looked it in the eye and refused to succumb, Stoke on Trent College is so proud of his success.

“Hello, I’m happy you are reading this. You’re probably thinking why am I here…

“I am an alcoholic in recovery, I really thought my life was over until I made the effort. So, from the job centre, I was asked if I’d like to do a College course. If I’m totally honest, I probably thought similar to you, what’s the point?

“So after quite a lot of deliberation and fights with my self-esteem, I forced myself back into College.

“In hindsight, I should have done this at the age of 16, not 49! Turns out it was the best choice I’ve ever made.

“Like you reading this, I guess you’re probably as nervous as I was. But actually, making the effort and doing something to ease the boredom gives you a sense of purpose.

“It changed my life. I felt so proud after making the effort to be at College at 9am, it gives you something to do.

“Also, if you make the effort, there’s a free breakfast too! I can’t say how amazing the staff are. Sarah, my tutor, went above and beyond and I now call her a friend.

“I seriously will say …. make the effort to go into College, it’s fabulous and fun too.

“So… I’ve now applied for a job, completed the course and with the help I received, gained experience in job interview techniques and now in full-time employment!

“I must be honest I’ve got the learning bug, it’s so addictive! I really hope reading this helps you make the right decision too. “Enrol on a course today. If I can do it you can too!”

Sam Poulton

Stoke on Trent College student

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